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Behold, the Ultimate Glow-Up – Meet AHA! Cleanse®

Skingredients AHA Cleanse

You don’t need us to tell you that cleansing your face with a wash-off cleanser twice a day is an important task if you want to keep your skin happy. That’s why our award-winning PreProbiotic Cleanse, which is suitable for all hoomans’ skin needs, sits pride of place in the Skingredients Key 4 range. But what about when our skin needs a little extra something, something? If oil production and congestion are getting your skin down, Sally Cleanse in our Match + Mix® range is there to help, and now we’ve got just the ticket for those that want to give dull, tired skin a boost, too. Introducing, our all-new, skin-brightening, glow-boosting AHA Cleanse. Here’s the nerdie run-down…

What is AHA Cleanse and how does it work?

Say goodbye to all of those dead skin cells that rob our skin of its natural glow. Sitting in the Skingredients Match + Mix® range, AHA Cleanse is an active cleanser and micro-mask that contains lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid) to gently exfoliate and brighten skin. However, because hydration is key when it comes to exfoliating, AHA Cleanse also contains polyhydroxy acid (PHA) to aid even gentler exfoliation while also helping the skin retain moisture to keep that all important skin barrier in check. As a result, you can expect dull, lacklustre skin to turn more glowing and smoother with every use.

Skingredients AHA Cleanse

How do you use AHA Cleanse?

Before you dive in head-first, it’s important to remember that exfoliation should be carried out in mindful moderation so as not to disrupt your skin’s delicate barrier. That’s why it’s best to use AHA Cleanse two to three times a week in the evening as a second cleanse, after you have removed the day’s work with PreProbiotic® Cleanse first. Once you have removed your first cleanser, apply a coin-sized amount of AHA Cleanse to wet skin and massage using firm, circular, outward motions, avoiding the delicate eye area (AHA is not for eye makeup removal). Then, rinse and remove after 60 seconds with Cleanse Off Mitt® for best results. If your skin is in particular need of some drastic glow-boosting, you can also use AHA Cleanse as a micro-mask once a week. Just apply to freshly cleansed skin and leave on for seven minutes before you remove. Expect supercharged results that will help keep your skin radiant all week long. Once your tube of AHA Cleanse is done, don’t forget to twist out the inner tube and give it a good rinse and dry before you recycle it and replace with your refill.

Who should use AHA Cleanse?

Mostly, AHA Cleanse is for those who feel as though their skin is looking dull, fatigued or lacklustre, as it will help boost radiance, smoothness and that all important glow. It’s also suitable for use during pregnancy, so mamas-to-be are safe in AHA Cleanse’s hands. However, if your skin is super-sensitive, proceed with caution as the blend of exfoliants could leave your skin more susceptible to redness and irritation. We recommend carrying out a patch test before use to minimise any risks. If you want a gentler cleanse, try our nerdie tip of mixing one pump of AHA Cleanse with one pump of PreProbiotic Cleanse – that way you’ll get the best of both.

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