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The Balanced Diet Philosophy

The Skingredients Key 4®  is a range of skincare that addresses all hooman® skin needs – regardless of their age, gender or skin type. We at Skingredients believe that the Key 4 range is akin to a balanced diet of active skincare to feed your face.

All “hoomans”, aka humans, need to eat certain food groups throughout their life to maintain optimum gut health – specifically, antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids. Our Key 4 philosophy mirrors this nutritional concept in the form of a curated selection of skincare that contains the vital ingredients required for healthy skin, which reinforces the importance of an inside-out approach to skincare.

The Skingredients Key 4 is the basis of any Skingredients skincare recipe. PreProbiotic Hydrating Cleanser is our nourishing prebiotic-probiotic cleanser, Skin Veg Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid is our ultimate plumping and hydrating pre-serum, Skin Protein Anti-Ageing Retinoid Serum is our pro-ageing vitamin A + C serum, and Skin Shield Moisturising + Priming SPF 50 PA+++ is our daily skin protection.

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