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How To Boost Skin Hydration

Keeping our skin hydrated can sometimes seem like a challenge. When we’re spending more time indoors than we might ordinarily, it can seem even more daunting, which is why we’re discussing how to boost skin hydration today!

With all of us being asked to spend more time at home right now, we might find ourselves waking up to a flaky morning. Not our favourite way to start the day. Otherwise, we might take a peep in the mirror around 3pm and realise that our perfectly applied makeup look has descended into patchiness. Again, not what we’re looking for. 

Lobbing moisturiser at the problem rarely solves it, as the issue is usually a little deeper than this – boosting your skin’s hydration often needs a multi-pronged approach to make lasting changes!

Don’t worry – it’s kind of our thing. 

Luckily, the Skingredients range of skincare is both hydrating and anti-ageing, which is a win for skin in need of a boost – and is suitable for all skin types, even congestion or acne-prone skin which can also need hydration!

Is My Skin Dry or Dehydrated?

Often, we can call all skin that seems to be misbehaving ‘dry’, but this is a big nerdie misnomer. 

Dry skin is something you’re born with, and the skin type which you’ll probably carry through your life, but dehydrated skin is the result of sensitisation, low water intake, harsh products, or a lack of essential fatty acids. 

Dry skin lacks oil; dehydrated skin lacks water. Keeping dry skin hydrated can be the work of a lifetime, but treating dehydrated skin back towards normality will need a similar laser focus, and good practise to keep it from veering back towards dehydration. 

But importantly, both need hydration!

How To Boost Skin Hydration

There are plenty of ways to boost your skin hydration. Choosing skincare products with effective hydrating ingredients is key, as is lifestyle!

Skingredients for Hydration

The Skingredients range is a hydrating range, full stop – but some of our products are even more focussed on hydration than others. PreProbiotic Cleanse, our hydrating, everyday cleanser, is an ideal start to your hydrating skincare routine. It contains lactobacillus which helps to prompt your skin’s natural moisturising function!

If you’re suffering from skin in need of a boost of hydration, then we suggest using this twice a day, and following on with…

Skingredients Skin Veg

This hydrating, anti-ageing serum is packed with antioxidants, as well as a super-important ingredient for hydration – hyaluronic acid. 

Hyaluronic acid is a humectant. This means that as a molecule, it binds water to it. Good news for the dry skinned among us – but bear in mind that it’s not ideal to use in an airplane or in a super super dry environment (like the desert, for example). Hyaluronic acid can pull moisture from the lower layers of your skin, so it’s important to stay hydrated while using it. 

In Skin Veg, hyaluronic acid comes in the sodium hyaluronate from, which has a small molecular size, meaning it can penetrate more deeply into the skin and bring that hydration capability with it!

As well as the many potent antioxidants in Skin Veg which all work to fight free radicals in your skin, Skin Veg contains hydrating cucumber extract. Skin Veg is great for getting hydration into your daily routine, and if it’s a special occasion, you can use more than usual to get your skin in prime condition for your big day – there’s a reason it’s loved by makeup artists so much!

Skingredients Skin Protein

This serum works perfectly to follow up application of Skin Veg! Skin Protein contains  of super skin-friendly vitamins, like A, C, and E to name a few, but also contains a soybean extract which works as a humectant and pro-collagen peptide!

Skin Protein also contains retinyl palmitate, an introductory form of vitamin A, which helps to prompt the skin to proliferate more frequently (the process by which old skin is sloughed off). This is key for hydration, because as the skin’s natural desquamation process slows down (the process by which your skin naturally sheds) as we age, and without this process working at a good rate, dead skin cells can stick around for longer than they should. With old skin in the way, our skin can lack hydration and make it more difficult for our hydrating products to penetrate!

skin veg skin protein skingredients

Skin Good Fats

As part of the Mix + Match range, Skin Good Fats is ideal for application post-serum and pre-SPF in the daytime, or as the end of your night-time routine. 

When it comes to boosting hydration, Skin Good Fats can play a super important role, as it can help to lock in moisture! 

Your skin’s barrier is super important when it comes to keeping hydration in, and keeping irritants out! When our skin barrier is compromised, it means that our skin can appear red, flaky, inflamed, and irritated. Repairing our barrier is key to boosting our skin’s hydration levels. 

Skin Good Fats is a ceramide barrier balm and moisturiser. It contains patented anti-itch ingredients, as well as ceramide NP to repair the lipid layer of your skin (the barrier), and shea butter glycerides, to soothe, but non-comedogenic to avoid clogging pores with product! 

Taking care of your skin’s barrier is hugely important when it comes to protecting your skin’s hydration, and keeping hydration levels tip-top! It’s like the ongoing maintenance which makes sure your car doesn’t spectacularly fail the NCT. 

Other Ways To Boost Your Skin’s Hydration

Everything in combination! We recommend getting more essential fatty acids through your diet (eg. avocado, flax seed) or by taking a supplement as another method of boosting your hydration – we call omegas our internal moisturiser for a reason! 

Drinking enough water is also key, but we’re sure you know that one – reusable bottles on hand! Keeping your hydration levels high is a good way to prevent ‘drinkles’ – these are the wrinkles which can form as a result of dehydrated skin (or a tipple too many 👀). So make sure you’re refilling that bottle!

A hydrating spritz can also work wonders for keeping your skin fresh and hydrated as heck even when you’re at your desk.

Keeping your skin hydrated is important all-year-round but when we’re indoors more than expected, it’s particularly key! If you have any queries about just how the heck to hydrate, then you can always message us on our social media platforms, or hello@skingredients!

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