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How To Find Out Which Skingredients Products Are For You

Welcome to the Skingredients skincare blog, from the same hoomans who brought you the award-winning The Skin Nerd blog. We’re here to bring you clarity – both for your head and for your skin. The first question that many are indubitably asking is which Skingredients products are for them, and we’ll admit that that’s something we know a lot about.

Skingredients, our capsule skincare collection, was created as food for your face, a step-by-step, all-in-one skincare routine that mirrors the nutrients that you put into your body. Just like you, your skin needs protein, vitamins, minerals, good fats and antioxidants to be healthy and using Skingredients is easier (and more fun) than meal prep. We’re just telling it like it is.  

Which Skingredients Products Are For You

Within the Skingredients range, you’ve got the Core 4 and the Mix + Match range. The Skingredients Core 4 consists of the 4 products we feel that everyone needs for healthy, plump and hydrated skin: PreProbiotic CleanseSkin VegSkin Protein and Skin Shield SPF 50 +++.

The Core 4  

What PreProbiotic Cleanse does

PreProbiotic Cleanse (€25.00, 100ml)

which skingredients product for me

PreProbiotic Cleanse contains a prebiotic and probiotic complex to help keep your skin’s microbiome of living organisms in check. In case you’re thinking that that sounds wishy-washy, it ain’t. In terms of the benefits this has for your skin, it means brighter, smoother, more radiant skin (1), skin that holds onto its hydration better due to an enhanced skin barrier function. Your skin and its microbiota are in a mutually-beneficial relationship, and when they’re on good terms, your skin is generally healthier.

We’ve included polyhydroxy acid (PHA) in PreProbiotic Cleanse too, for an itsy bitsy bit of exfoliation that won’t irritate sensitive skin.

We don’t necessarily believe in gearing skincare towards skin types. We prefer to target concerns. PreProbiotic Cleanse is equally as beneficial for oily, congested skin as it is for dehydrated skin, sensitised skin, pigmented skin, mature skin… All skin. It’s a creamy texture that doesn’t clog pores and leaves the skin feeling nourished. No more of that “dude, where’s my hydration?” feeling.

What Skin Veg does

Skin Veg Pre-Serum + Penetrant Enhancer (€42.00, 30ml)

what skingredients does

Skin Veg is a hero, highlighter and hydrator that works to enhance the absorption of all of those tasty ingredients coming after due to the inclusion of PHA, or polyhydroxy acid (specifically gluconolactone), a mildly exfoliating ingredient.

Naturally, it’s not just a pre-serum. It’s technically a hyaluronic acid serum including your skin’s 10-a-day. You’ve got brightening liquorice root extract, a peptide clinically-proven to increase your synthesis of collagen-1 to improve the appearance of your lines and wrinkles, antioxidant broccoli extract, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant green tea extract and cucumber extract and way more.

It protects your skin and hydrates it while priming it for a makeup application so smooth that you’d give it your phone number before it even asked.

Skin Veg is suitable for all hoomans, fab for all skin concerns and works for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

What Skin Protein does

Skin Protein Serum (€42.00, 30ml)

Skin Protein is a vitamin A, C + E serum that we’ve crammed with as many antioxidants as possible. It’s your alternative to retinol, much easier on your skin whilst still being effective.

Retinyl palmitate, the fat-based ester of retinol (vitamin A), speeds up your skin cell turnover, your skin’s own exfoliation process, for general skin health, increased hydration, improved radiance and reduced congestion. Wait, wait, wait, that’s not all. It regulates oil production and targets the damage that shows up as pigmentation. In other words, A is bae.

We’ve paired retinyl palmitate with two types of antioxidant and brightening vitamin C, antioxidants vitamin E, rooibos tea extract, green tea extract and nourishing sunflower seed oil… As well as the same pro-collagen peptide as you find in Skin Veg.

We’ve always said that everyone should be using vitamin A but pregnant hoomans should avoid it, as should those with a known allergy to vitamin A and derivatives.

What Skin Shield SPF 50 PA+++ does  

Skin Shield SPF 50 PA+++ (€42.00, introductory size of 100ml)

what skingredients does

We hope you know all about the importance of wearing a broad spectrum SPF on the daily. If not, you’re living under a rock and we hope you are for the sake of your skin.

Skin Shield SPF 50 PA+++ is a mineral filter SPF that protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays, the blue light your skin encounters when it’s in front of screens (so, the majority of the time), infrared and pollution.

It’s oil-free, non-comedogenic and unlike other mineral SPFs, it’s super lightweight, dewy and has a universal peachy tint and no photo flashback… Come through, Miss Thing!

In Skin Shield, we’ve gone for two of our favourite vitamin antioxidants: vitamin E and vitamin B3, otherwise known as niacinamide. SPF and antioxidants protect your skin from the type of damage that causes your skin to age faster and can even lead to skin cancer.

Obviously, we think everybody (everybody, everybody) should be wearing a broad spectrum SPF, literally every day, even if it’s raining or you’re only going to be indoors, even if it’s Christmas, or your birthday.

Which Skingredients Mix + Match product is for you

The Mix + Match range allows you to customise your routine to you. It’s the seasoning to your balanced skin diet. It’s part of the fun of Skingredients®!  

Seeing as we’re not fully pulled in by the concept of skin types, we think it’s possible that you could have blackheads and yet still need a bit of Skin Good Fats for skin dehydration or the touch of redness on your cheeks, for example. Your skin can be oily yet not dehydrated, super dry, just a bit dry, very dry and not irritated, oily and irritated… The list of combos goes on and that’s why Skingredients is simple to use but easy to tweak.

You are a bit dull (looking) / have mild pigmentation / dehydrated / dry / line-y

It’s time for your A-HA moment. A-HA Cleanse is a combo of 2.5% lactic acid plus polyhydroxy acid, mild exfoliating acids that have the added benefits of brightening and hydrating the skin.

A-HA Cleanse (€25.00, 100ml)

We like lactic acid when it comes to alpha-hydroxy acids because it has humectant properties and a larger-sized molecule. Huh, says you. You can find lactic acid as a main component of your skin’s Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) and as a humectant, it pulls moisture to it like an irresistible, magnetic moisture stud.

In terms of sizing, size sometimes does matter. Lactic acid is larger than glycolic acid and its AHA companions. Because of this, it’s a bit slower at getting into your pore. It’s like a chubby (but healthy) dog versus a skinny-ma-link greyhound. This is a good thing when you’re making a nightly exfoliating cleanser as it means that lactic acid is effective yet gentle.

You can use A-HA Cleanse every night for regular radiance boosting, or pop it on for 7 minutes once a week for an at-home micro-mask that will make your other masks jealous.

You are pretty oily / have blackheads or spots / both

Ding, ding, ding. Easy. You need a bit of Sally in your life. Sally Cleanse is a 2% salicylic acid cleanser – that’s the highest percentage of salicylic acid you’re allowed to retail in a skincare product.

Sally Cleanse (€25.00, 100ml)

Salicylic acid is an exfoliating acid derived from willow bark that speeds up the skin’s own exfoliating process. It’s an oil-soluble acid, which isn’t just hip science lingo, it means that salicylic acid can wiggle its way into your pores and give them a good dig out. When the grime and oils in your pores have been dissolved, you can wave buh-bye to blackheads and watch as your congestion scarpers.

Sally can definitely be intense and irritating if its overused. We recommend patch-testing before use and using it every 3rd night, using PreProbiotic Cleanse on those AMs and other PMs. If you need a milder exfoliation and pore-clearing, mix a little bit of Sally with a little bit of PrePro and you’re ready to rock, rock star.

Sally is like your friend who rock climbs, sings in a punk band, hand-embroiders her own lingerie and holds down a job as an executive of some form. She can do a lot of things super well. She’s not only a cleanser, but a wash-off spot-zapper and micro-mask!

Sally isn’t recommended for use during pregnancy due to the level of salicylic acid!

You’re dry / itchy / irritated / flaky / patchy / or you just love a moisturiser  

Skin Good Fats Ceramide Barrier Balm (€42.00, 30ml)

Skin Good Fats is your chubby yellow skin saviour. Your skin loves fats. It doodles “Mrs. Skin (Good) Fats” in its school journal and dreams of fats.  

Our skin’s barrier is made up of ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol, so when we give our skin good fats, it eats them up. We’ve included ceramide NP, shea butter glycerides and grape seed oil in Skin Good Fats to nourish your skin’s barrier and improve its ability to lock in moisture.

Have you got that itch? The patented Drago-Calm® oat kernel extract is anti-itch and anti-histaminic to bring down that irritation in no time.

Skin Good Fats is not just for super dry skin. It’s entirely suitable to be used by those with oily skin and can be used as a night cream, barrier balm in the Winter months or sparingly as a boost of cushiony, lush moisture.

Want more info?

Pop us an email at or speak to your favourite stockist’s Skingredients® ambassador.



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