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How To Mix Skincare Products

When we’re thinking about how to mix skincare products, it goes without saying that there are some things that just go together, like day and night. Peanut butter and jam – don’t ask us, ask a team member who will remain unnamed. Tom and Jerry. Heck, even Ben and Jerry. There’s plenty of iconic duos to choose from.

In the skincare world, there are also certain pairs which just make sense, products that work together better than they do when they are apart. We fully agree that there are some truly excellent skincare brands out there, doing innovative and exciting things.

We are definitely open to doing a bit of mixing and matching with them, and making sure that we fill any gaps with our active ingredients. When it comes to Skingredients, our philosophy is that it’s For Every Hooman – the balanced meal that your skin truly needs and deserves. 

That being said, we have a whole Mix + Match range too, and if you’re not ready to switch to the Core 4 yet, then we have certain pairings which we think just make sense. Maybe you’re midway through using up other skincare products.

Maybe you are expecting a mini-hooman sometime in the next 9 months, and won’t be able to use Skin Protein, so you’re sticking to Veg and thinking about Skin Good Fats. Either way, we’ve got some favourite pairings in our range which would be ideal for you as a gateway to Skingredients, or to grow your Skingredients collection.

How To Mix Skincare Products

There is more than one way to make a skincare routine – and with this in mind, it’s not just serums that you can mix! Cleansers, moisturisers and more can all be mixed! But let’s start off simple – with serums.

Mixing Serums

Mixing your serums is an ideal way to save vital seconds in your skincare routine, particularly when the bus is in 4 minutes and you’ve yet to put your tea in your KeepCup.

We absolutely promote mixing Skin Veg & Skin Protein together to make a one-step serum cocktail, and if you’re really time-enterprising, you can even add another serum in too. 

Importantly, we suggest that you do not mix Skin Shield SPF 50 +++ with anything, as for it to work to shield your skin, it must be left alone! It works to moisturise your skin itself, so it’s already working double duty!

how to mix skincare products

Skingredients Skin Veg and Skin Protein

Skingredients Skin Veg is, to call it by its name, a pre-serum. This means that it has all the power of a serum, but it also brings its unique powers of penetration to the table. It’s a penetrant enhancer, as well as a hydrating, highlighting and anti-inflammatory pre-serum. It’s best used before

Skin Veg fights free radicals and can help to soothe and calm skin. It contains a host of antioxidant botanical extracts to do this, including liquorice root extract, tomato extract, cucumber extract, radish root ferment filtrate, and broccoli extract.

It hydrates with sodium hyaluronate, keeping your skin dewy and bright.

When combined with Skingredients Skin Protein, this duo is super powerful. Skin Protein is our anti-ageing Vitamin A, C, and E rich serum. It’s 03 in the Core 4 routine, for us you’ve put on your pre-serum. It contains vitamin A in it’s fat form (retinyl palmitate), which helps to speed up cell renewal. Vitamin A can also help to manage oil production in the skin, as well as speeding up healing in the skin. It’s the true building block of skin health. 

Skin Protein also contains the brightening antioxidant, Vitamin C, as well as Vitamin E, another very potent antioxidant. It also contains pro-collagen peptides, which help to prompt the synthesis of collagen, as well as smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Skin Veg + Skin Protein

These two are (literally) made for each other, and as a combo, you should get the benefits of skin hydration and highlight as well as re-educated and renewed skin! 

Mixing Cleansers

PreProbiotic Cleanse and Sally Cleanse

how to mix skincare products

Skingredients PreProbiotic Cleanse is the 01 in the Core 4 routine, and essential to the cleansing portion of events! After you’ve cleansed your skin with the Cleanse Off Mitt and water, massage a euro coin sized amount of this product into your skin for 60 seconds before cleansing it away with the clean side of your COM.

Sally Cleanse is your active cleanser, which works best when slotted into a routine with PrePro. PrePro works as your daily pre and probiotic cleanser, and Sally packs a punch with some acid exfoliation to slough off the dead skin cells!

PrePro is your daily cleanser, suitable for use morning and evening by even the sensitive skinned hoomans among us. It’s inactive – which doesn’t mean it doesn’t work hard, because it does! It means instead that it it’s a nourishing, mild formulation which balances the bacteria of your skin. It contains the pre and probiotics oliosaccharide and lactobaccilus. 

Skingredients Sally Cleanse is our salicylic acid cleanser, and a acid exfoliant, ideal for oilier hoomans. It exfoliates skin gently, by means of penetrating your pores and dissolving the oil, SPF, makeup or pollution which might otherwise block the pore. 

By bringing Sally Cleanse into your weekly routine alongside PreProbiotic Cleanse, you’re balancing active and inactive skincare – the way it’s meant to be! PreProbiotic Cleanse is a gentle, super microbiome -riendly daily cleanser which complements evening use of Sally Cleanse up to three times a week.

A marvellous microbiome and exquisite exfoliation – otherwise known as a match made in heaven. 

AHA Cleanse is also ideal for mixing into your routine – it’s suitable for nightly use, and as a lactic-acid based exfoliator, it’s ideal for adding a bit of brightening to your routine! AHA Cleanse will be available for repurchase later in 2020.

Skin Veg and Skin Good Fats

If your skin is feeling super dry, dehydrated and in need of a drink, then why not combine Skin Veg and Skin Good Fats?

Skin Veg contains the humectant, sodium hyaluronate. This means that it draws moisture to the surface of the skin, which can serve to both plump and hydrate the surface of your skin. Skin Veg provides two forms of hydration – superficial, on the surface of your skin, but also cellular, meaning it keeps your skin hydrated on a cellular level.

This hydration hit is all well and good – but if you really want to lean into keeping the hydration firmly in place, then you could apply Skin Good Fats over this product. Skin Good Fats will form an occlusive barrier over your skin – keeping your skin hydrated and disallowing too much TEWL (transepidermal water loss). 


SPF and Moisturisers

In the Core 4, our Skingredients Skin Shield SPF 50 PA +++ is number 04 in the process – moisturiser and SPF in one. It’s the last thing that you put on in the morning, after your serums, and when it’s in place, you’re good to go. It’s our daily moisturiser, and our SPF, all in one handy, orange bottle.

If you’re more prone to dry or dehydrated skin, then you could apply Skin Good Fats before Skin Shield! Skin Good Fats is a ceramide-rich cream, meaning that it helps to repair a skin barrier which might have become impaired due to cold, or as a result of a skin condition. An impaired skin barrier means that your skin loses moisture more swiftly than skin with a healthy barrier. 

Skin Shield is a mineral SPF, meaning that it forms a barrier between your skin and UVA, UVB, HEV and infrared rays, as well as potentially degrading collagen and elastin in your skin to cause premature ageing too. It’s moisturising and contains the antioxidant niacinamide, too!

Some things just go together, and there are plenty of reasons for it. When you’re deciding how to mix skincare products, thinking about the ingredients in each is super important. If you’re wondering just exactly which ingredients are the sort which you should be applying topically to your skin, then you can check our our guide to the most important Skingredients!

If you have any questions, you can always message us on any of our social media platforms, email us on or call us on +353 1 5611334!

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