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Is Makeup Bad For Your Skin?

Is makeup bad for your skin, or are we being told bare-faced lies? There’s no denying it – sometimes you need the oomph which only comes from a really top-notch makeup look. Of course, we think you’re a stunner just the way you are, but sometimes the courage of a really well made-up mug feels necessary, particularly if you’re going through a bad skin bout. We all have them, and even the gang at Nerd HQ is prone to a moan on complexion woes now and then. It’s the reason why we do what we do – we’ve all been there ourselves.

So is the makeup that we are using bad for our skin? 

Skin issues can feel like a self-fulfilling prophecy sometimes, as the more you worry about how your skin is looking, the more makeup you feel you need to look your hashtag best. Cosmetics can seem to be the culprit behind the danger days of skin sadness, with pore-clogging formulas leading to A Bad Time for those of us (all of us) yearning for a fresh, youthful face with no blackheads, thanks very much. Of course, the worse it gets, the more makeup we wear, and the more makeup – you get the picture. 

But are we right? Is it really the fault of makeup, or are we giving it an undeservedly bad rap? 

Do I Need To Stop Wearing Makeup For Good Skin?

Ideally, we would all have skin in such great nick that we’d simply beam fresh-faced around the office in a state of pure radiance, but when this isn’t possible, it’s perfectly reasonable to beg a bit of aesthetic help. The issue with a lot of the makeup in easy reach is that it is cosmetic, rather than mineral. Cosmetic makeup is not the enemy, but it can be the cause of clogged pores, and depending on the formula of the product, can leave skin dehydrated and a bit unhappy.

If you’re despairing – don’t! There is hope on the horizon. At Nerd HQ, we stan high quality mineral makeup. By this, we mean makeup which is 100% mineral, rather than mineralised. This is the process by which some minerals are added to largely cosmetic makeup, which can lead to blocked pores and all the downsides associated with more traditional product. Fully mineral makeup tends to have a larger molecular size, and so it sits on rather than in the pore, making it more comedogenic than a lot of cosmetic options.

At present, there is no regulation around how much mineral content needs to be in a product in order for it to be classified as mineral makeup. It’s key to investigate the ingredient list before you make your purchasing choice. Our advice is to keep to brands which contain high levels of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, and limits the amount of filler material like talc. Talc is still a mineral, of course as it helps mattify skin prone to an oily shine, but it doesn’t do much to keep your skin looking and feeling great. 

True mineral makeup can provide just as much coverage as its cosmetic counterpart, with the added benefit of lots of delightful minerals which can actually help to heal your skin while you wear it! Minerals like zinc oxide and titanium oxide are antioxidant as well as photo-protective, and a good mineral foundation can be anti-inflammatory, which is a big tick for us.

Good Makeup Starts With Good Skincare

skingredients cleanser

Application and wear are all well and good, but it’s vital to consider thorough removal as a key step in our makeup journey. Failing to completely remove your makeup at day’s end could be causing you a lot of problems, which is why we’re b-a-n-a-n-a-s about keeping a Cleanse Off Mitt at the ready when it’s time to get comfy. We understand that there are nights when taking your makeup off feels like a Herculean task, but having a COM on hand (get it?) is a perfect cheat if you’ve had an *ahem* jolly night. You could always recruit a pal or partner to help you out, if they owe you one. The COM is pretty user-friendly, after all.

Simply wet the mitt and gently sweep across the skin’s surface in circular motions to remove your makeup (even your eye makeup!). Obviously, we advocate for a double cleanse for a thorough removal of makeup, debris and physical pollution particles. With this in mind, we suggest two pumps of Skingredients PreProbiotic Cleanse massaged into a damp face for 60 seconds. Wipe it off with the other side of your COM and voila – makeup free! That newly fresh face is now ready for the application of your favourite serums or masks for a bit of extra care.

How Best To Care For Makeup-Loving Skin

Makeup is definitely not the villain of the piece. However if you’re having some skin issues, it’s possible that the makeup that you’re using or the methods that you’re using to remove it could be exacerbating symptoms. There’s no need to bin the blush just yet, but it’s definitely worth your while to take a good look at your skincare routine (our favourite thing to do) and make sure you’re treating your skin like the queen it is.

Apart from a consistent, results-driven skincare regime, good skincare practises like reducing sugar and caffeine and increasing our intake of good fats are all important steps in improving skin health. If you’re looking for the best possible base for your makeup, Skingredients Skin Veg is touted as a godsend for helping sad skin out. It works to plump and hydrate your skin, stop creasing and allows for a smooth, glowy application of your foundation. Stunning, and we’ve had great feedback from makeup artists that it helps your base go on like a dream – have to pat ourselves on the back from time to time. 

Using Products For A Perfect Base

Did you know, you can also use your Skin Shield SPF 50 PA+++ as a primer? Yes, really! It protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays, but it will also leave you with an enviably dewy finish and prevents photo flashback. This is a real must when it comes to prep. Apart from this, it’s helpful in keeping your skin in prime condition as it contains niacinamide. This is an antioxidant which improves skin tone and texture – very necessary in creating a basis for your look.

Primed and UV protected – what a combo; particularly as lots of folks forego the SPF when they’re heading out made up to the nines, in fear of dreaded photo flashback. No one likes risking looking like a ghost in any photos. But wearing SPF actually helps maintain your skin health. It helps to prevent ageing and scarring, all important considerations when it comes to makeup application. 

If you’re trying to look your best, there are steps to take in the process. It might be tempting to skip a few and build up your coverage in the place of your SPF, but to really up your game, skincare is a first step on the road to a really bomb makeup look. And how nice – makeup is not the big bad that we’re told it is. As long as you’re taking it off properly, and not choosing popular brands just because all the other kids are doing it, you’re in the clear. Of course, we still think you look fabulous – that’s one that we’re not making up.

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