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Skingredients for Men: 3 Men’s Skincare Routines

Skincare routines for men are always a tricky topic and people have opinions. However, we’ve been busy thinking ‘bout boys. We like those oily men, we like those spot-prone men, we like those carrying an itty-bitty pigment men. And here at Skingredients, we serve men (but not in a weird old-fashioned way, obviously). 

Skingredients is for everyone and we very much took the physiological differences in men’s skin into consideration when we were developing the entire range, from the Core 4 to the Mix + Match range. 

How men’s skin is different

  • Men’s skin is 25% thicker than women’s skin: this means that their genetic skin ageing (yes, we’ve pointed out specifically genetic ageing for a reason) may not appear as easily as women’s 
  • Men have more collagen, the protein that makes skin plump, and we are very jealous of this 
  • Men’s skin has more pores and they are bigger pores too  
  • It usually makes more oil, or in nerd words, sebum 

How this affects men’s skin 

When you’re holding up “women”, as in all women, against “men”, as in all men, men may be more prone to spots and blackheads than women because of that tendency towards more oil. 

But men’s skin is not more protected against environmental-related ageing naturally. You are not tougher than the sun, unfortunately, nor are you tougher than pollution, how sugar can affect our skin or anything else that you can’t really see, in fact. Sorry about that. 

What does men’s skin need?

You may see where this is going, but don’t spoil it… 

Men’s skin needs – drumroll please – exactly what women’s skin needs. We don’t treat all women’s skin the same, so why would “men’s skin” be a category of its own? 

Just like with any skincare, we believe any skincare routine for any gender should include the following ingredients: 

  • Skin-beneficial vitamins: vitamin A to encourage the skin to make fresh skin cells and balance the skin in general, vitamin C to help the skin look brighter and work on those freckles that aren’t actually freckles, vitamin B3 (niacinamide) as antioxidant protection against pollution 
  • Antioxidants: the type of ingredient proven to shield the skin from pollution and UVA, two things that make the skin look older and behave badly, such as green tea extract  
  • Good fats: think of them like avocado for your face… They hydrate the skin so that it doesn’t feel dry, itchy or rough
  • SPF: Because, as we’ve said, you literally just aren’t stronger or better than the sun, my dude 

Skingredients skincare routines for men

We’ve put together some options for the low-maintenance (read: very stubborn and on the fence about using skincare), the man whose skin is actually fine but doesn’t mind investing in its future and the man who wants better skin yesterday. 

1) A Skingredients routine even though man really doesn’t want one 

We would never actually recommend this routine to ANYONE who genuinely wants a routine. This is below the bare minimum but is better than a 3-in-1 shower gel as your face wash. 

men's skincare routine

Step 1: PreProbiotic Cleanse (€25.00, lasts 1-2 months) (AM + PM) 

Step 2: Skin Shield SPF 50 PA+++ (€42.00, lasts 1-2 months) (AM ONLY) 

What this will do: 

Clean your skin for fewer spots and softer skin, stop it from being sahara-desert-dry, protect it from the sun, pollution and screens, and maybe help with redness a tiny smidge. 

2) A Skingredients routine for people who say “but my skin is grand?” 

men's skincare routine

Step 1: PreProbiotic Cleanse (€25.00, lasts 1-2 months) (AM + PM) 

Step 2: Skin Protein (€42.00, lasts 1-2 months) (AM + PM) 

Step 3: Skin Shield SPF 50 PA+++ (€42.00, lasts 1-2 months) (AM ONLY) 

What this will do: 

Cleanse and balance the skin for fewer spots and softer, less red skin, moisturise and hydrate the skin and help you to look younger for much longer. 

3) A Skingredients routine for men who want better skin 

men's skincare routine

Step 1: PreProbiotic Cleanse (€25.00, lasts 1-2 months) (AM + PM) 

Step 2: Skin Veg (€42.00, lasts 1-2 months) (AM + PM) 

Step 3: Skin Protein (€42.00, lasts 1-2 months) (AM + PM) 

Step 4: Skin Shield SPF 50 PA+++ (€42.00, lasts 1-2 months) (AM) 


Sally Cleanse (€25.00, lasts 3-4 months) every 3rd or 2nd night for those with spots, blackheads or oily skin 


Skin Good Fats (€42.00, lasts 1-2 months) AM + PM for plump skin with less redness and flakes 

What this will do: 

Provide your skin with the ingredients it needs to protect and correct itself, hydrate your skin, reduce redness, balance skin, even out skin tone, tackle spots, blackheads and any lumps or bumps and basically, bring about a visible difference in your skin (give it a full, consistent usage 28 days and THEN compare). 

An argument against “but I think it’s nice to look rugged”

We know men. We love men. Some are wonderful. One is even Barack Obama.  

Looking rugged IS nice. But your skin is an organ, and if you care about your general health and wellbeing, you should care about your skin too. Protecting it by using results-driven skincare contributes towards its health, and wearing an SPF daily reduces your risk of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer. Skincare routines for men = just as important as skincare routines for anyone else. 

Ps. You may think you will be okay with looking older when you’re older… But older you may not be happy with younger you for making that decision on their behalf.  

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