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The Skincare To Avoid While Pregnant

Pregnancy is an exciting time, from the swollen feet to the chronic vomiting… Oh, we’re only joking! Any new phase in your life is worthy of celebration and has its trials and tribulations, but pregnancy does have a lot of tribulations, between the indigestion, the host of skin concerns you may encounter and the things you are not allowed to do while you’re growing a mini hooman. We have taken it upon ourselves to educate you about the skincare to avoid while pregnant, because yes, it is confusing! 

Just some housekeeping: at the end of the day, listen to your medical advisor. We know skincare, but your GP knows you pretty darn well.  

The skincare to avoid while pregnant

Vitamin A

Large amounts of vitamin A are not advised for use during pregnancy due to the proven effects of vitamin A when ingested while pregnant. If an amount of vitamin A were to absorb through your skin into your bloodstream from your skincare, it would be a negligible amount and realistically would not be anywhere near the amounts of vitamin A that are deemed harmful during pregnancy. 

Nevertheless, because of this, we advise you not to use Skin Protein, our vitamin A + C serum, during pregnancy or when you are planning pregnancy, and to avoid use on your breasts while breastfeeding. Don’t worry, you are still fine to use the Skin Veg pre-serum and Skin Shield SPF while pregnant, and PreProbiotic CleanseA-HA Cleanse and Skin Good Fats are good to keep in your routine too! 

Salicylic acid 

You may have noticed that we didn’t include Sally Cleanse in the list above. Salicylic acid is related to acetylsalicylic acid, AKA aspirin. Many have heard that aspirin isn’t recommended for use during pregnancy, specifically towards the later part of pregnancy, and it’s for this same reason that salicylic acid isn’t recommended. 

Again, no need to worry if you have used Sally Cleanse a few times before finding this out but we would recommend discontinuing use and sticking with PreProbiotic Cleanse and A-HA Cleanse. 


The majority of fragrances are absolutely safe to be using on your skin (and hair, for that matter) while pregnant. But – and it’s a big but – lots of pregnant hoomans find their skin all of a sudden is reacting to things faster than a labrador who has just seen a big bumblebee. This happens due to the increased levels of hormones your body is experiencing plus the fact that your skin is stretching (and possibly thinning a bit) while you are pregnant.

skincare to avoid while pregnant

Fragrance tends to be a major culprit of this sensitivity, whether it’s in your bath goop, your washing detergent or in your skincare. With Skingredients, you don’t need to worry as our range is entirely free from both synthetic fragrances and essential oils.  

While we’re on the subject, we feel that it is important to note that certain essential oils are considered unsafe for use during pregnancy, specifically cinnamon, clove, rosemary, clary sage and jasmine, which are believed to cause complications. Experts say that you are all good to dilute lavender, chamomile and ylang ylang oils during pregnancy but to avoid ingestion. 

How your skin behaves during pregnancy and our tips  


Chloasma – ever heard of it? Chloasma is the term for butterfly-shaped patches of pigmentation in sun-exposed areas during pregnancy, thought to be brought about by, you guessed it, heightened hormone levels. 

As with any pigmentation, wearing SPF on the daily will help to prevent it from worsening or hanging around longer than you’d like it to and Skin Shield SPF 50 is perfect as a mineral SPF is often less irritating than chemical forms. 

The brightening and antioxidant effects of Skin Veg will help to protect you even further! 

Redness and hot flushes 

We don’t even want to say it again but the redness and hot flushes associated with pregnancy usually come down to hormones too. Holy moly, hormones are the worst, aren’t they? 

We’re not going to preach on wearing light clothes and staying hydrated but we will say that putting your Skin Veg in the fridge makes for the skin equivalent of an ice pop on a hot summer’s day. Bliss. 

Sudden dry patches and itchiness 

You’re pregnant – your clothes don’t fit anymore, you have varicose veins and you are wistfully dreaming of unpasteurised cheeses. And then, out of nowhere, a dry patch appears and you feel an itch. Honestly, your skin can react to pregnancy any which way it feels and dryness and itchiness is yet another skin concern that many go through while pregnant. 

Reach for your Skin Good Fats to rehydrate, soothe and take any itch out of the area with its patented anti-itch ingredient. 

If you ever feel uncertain about your skin and the skincare you’re using during pregnancy, ask your healthcare provider if only just for peace of mind. We believe in you and you can get through this time without your sacred vitamin A – just make sure someone has a Skin Protein ready to crack open as soon as that baby is in your arms.

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