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Meet the Skingredients Key Four

The Skingredients Core 4 is the basis of any Skingredients skincare recipe, with PreProbiotic Cleanse, a prebiotic-probiotic cleanser, Skin Veg, a hydrating, anti-ageing hyaluronic serum, Skin Protein, a vitamin A and C serum, and Skin Shield SPF 50 PA+++. The Core 4 is filled with vitamins, fats, peptides, and fruit, veg and botanical extracts for healthy skin.

The Core 4 is what we feel all hooman® skin needs. It's like a balanced dinner plate – we all know that most of us need the same things on our dinner plate throughout our life for optimum health, specific amounts of protein, vitamins and fats, for example. The Core 4 mirrors this with what we believe are the key ingredients in topical skincare.

Now, with these essentials on our plates, we may want to season for some flavour or add some extra ingredients from time to time. This is what the Mix + Match is to the Core 4! With Sally Cleanse, a 2% salicylic acid treatment cleanser, and Skin Good Fats, your ceramide barrier balm, you can exfoliate, decongest, soothe and hydrate when your skin needs it.

Let’s talk about the Core 4...

01 PreProbiotic Cleanse | Hydrating + Nourishing Cleanser

PreProbiotic Cleanse contains a prebiotic-probiotic complex and polyhydroxy acid to help to balance our skin’s microbiome and hydrate your skin. It’s a non-comedogenic creamy (dreamy) cleansing lotion that nourishes the skin! It removes eye makeup too, and can be massaged in with wet hands to liquify the texture further or dry hands if that’s what you prefer.

After pre-cleansing with the 00 Cleanse Off Mitt, massage PreProbiotic Cleanse into the face, neck and chest for 60 seconds, and remove with your Cleanse Off Mitt. It can also be used as a soothing micro-mask if you leave it on for 20 minutes and gently remove it.

02 Skin Veg | Hydrating Anti-Ageing Pre-Serum

Skin Veg, step 02, is your hero, hydrator and highlighter, a pre-serum containing hydrating hyaluronic acid, a pro-collagen peptide, brightening liquorice and antioxidants galore to hydrate deeply, protect the skin, improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles and give you instant glow.

This is your instant hydration quick fix, best paired with 03 Skin Protein which works to help the skin to maintain hydration long-term. Use ½ a pump to a full pump, mixed with Skin Protein, AM + PM, and it can be brought up around the eye area an effective eye serum. Makeup artists have told us they love Skin Veg as it helps skin to look bright and fresh immediately for a super glowy base.

03 Skin Protein | Anti-Ageing Vitamin A + Vitamin C Serum

Skin Protein, your tightening, brightening vitamin A serum, is your third step of the Skingredients Core 4, with retinyl palmitate, a more progressive form of vitamin A, beta carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E. If you are looking to regulate sebum production, tackle pore size and blemishes, target pigment, improve skin hydration and plumpness and improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, Skin Protein is a must-have.

It doesn’t only correct, it protects, with potent antioxidants such as resveratrol, green tea and rooibos tea extracts. It also contains a pro-collagen peptide. Use 1 pump mixed with Skin Veg, AM + PM, and bring it up around the eye area just like Skin Veg. Our top nerdie tip is to use any excess product on the back of the hands too, for a bit of repair, as our hands are often exposed to UV as much as our face! Not recommended for use during pregnancy.

04 Skin Shield SPF 50 PA +++ | Broad Spectrum Light Protection

The final, AM only step of the Core 4 is Skin Shield SPF 50 PA +++, your mineral moisturising SPF lotion that protects from UVA, UVB, HEV (high energy visible light, the blue light emitted from screens) and pollution. With zinc oxide, antioxidants vitamin E and niacinamide, it’s a skin-smoothing, moisturising SPF with a peachy tint and a dewy finish, with no photo flashback. It also won Silver Suncare Hero in the Get the Gloss Awards 2020! Apply ½ a teaspoon to your face and neck, and top up every 2 hours when you’re exposed to direct sunlight. This is ideal for makeup free days for a bit of skin perfecting that allows your skin to look like your skin!

You can shop the Core 4 here!

And you can read up on the Mix + Match range here

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