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What's a Pre-Serum?

If you’re hoping to receive Skin Veg under that beautiful tree, or if you have a Skin Veg under the tree for another hooman, you may have noticed a little, hyphenated word on the front of the packaging: “pre-serum”. Well, what’s a pre-serum?

Skin Veg and other pre-serums (although, we don’t know many that call themselves a pre-serum) work to enhance absorption of ingredients into the skin. They’re also known as penetrant enhancers. Many ingredients are penetrant enhancing ingredients, and we opted for hyaluronic acid.

Your penetrant enhancer – in this case, hyaluronic acid – works like a school bus versus cycling yourself to school. If you’re an active ingredient cycling to school, you may lose an item from your schoolbag every day, so you, the key ingredient, makes it to the destination without all of you (and perhaps without being at your best). When you take the school bus, you’re calm, collected, you don’t lose anything, and you can focus best on knuckling down and getting your work done. Or at least passing very creative notes until it’s time to go home again.

whats a pre-serum

Conceptually, a pre-serum is a bit like a toner. However, many traditional toners work to remove oil but do not give back to the skin – we think you don’t really need a toner. We don’t like one-way relationships – if we’re going to rub your feet, you better rub our feet too. So, a pre-serum is a serum that helps the ingredients that come after to absorb into the skin optimally for best results, and additionally acts as a serum.

Skin Veg, for example, contains:

  • Hyaluronic acid: for deep skin hydration + enhanced absorption
  • Antioxidants (fruit + veg extracts): to protect the skin from free radical damage from pollution AM + PM
  • Polyhydroxy acid: to gently exfoliate to further improve absorption
  • Liquorice root extract: to brighten
  • Pro-collagen peptide: clinically-proven to reduce the depth and appearance of lines + wrinkles
  • Green tea + aloe vera extract: to soothe the skin

So Skin Veg, brightens, anti-ages over time, helps other products to work that bit harder, hydrates and soothes. This is why we call it a hero, because it does it all and effortlessly.

Who needs a pre-serum?

Nobody *needs* a pre-serum, in terms of it as a concept. However, we believe all hoomans need hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidants for skin that looks glowy and feels smooth - both instantaneously and long term.

Skin Veg is formulated for use by all skins. It’s lightweight, oil-free and non-comedogenic so the oily and spot-prone will adore it, it’s entirely invisible on the skin and smells like nothing so male hoomans won’t be averse to it, and it’s got that juicy hyaluronic acid for the drier among us. Sensitive skin – don't worry about it, we’ve thought of you too and Skin Veg is suitable for you.

How to use a pre-serum

We can't speak for all pre-serums, more just Skin Veg! With Skin Veg, you’re going to apply directly after your thorough double-cleanse. Gently spread 1 small pump of Skin Veg across the face and neck. You can mix with your Skin Protein or another serum for more spreadability – we recommend applying to damp skin as it’s easier to spread and damp skin is more permeable than dry skin, so it will soak in to its best ability, and then help your other products soak in to their best ability.

Use it AM + PM and bring it up around your eye area – it contains what a good eye product should, and we had it tested for eye safety, so you can say bye to your eye cream.

Skin Veg is suitable for use during pregnancy (congrats), it’s vegan-friendly (woo), and it’s fragrance-free for all those skins that get prickly just thinking about something scented.

Skin Veg is the 02 of our Core 4 and you can find out more about the Skingredients Core 4 here!

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